The Dust Never Settles

by bellow wing

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released October 8, 2017

Bellow Wing - Vocals, Accordion, Piano, Saw, Washboard, Bowls, Washtub base, Ukulele, Xylophone
Aaron J Shay - Vocals, Banjo
Jimmy Austin - Trombone, Tuba
Joel Ricci - Trumpet, Flute
Josa Hoppa - Vocals, Trumpet, Guitar, Q-Chord, Pinecone, Flugelhorn
Mai Li Pittard - Violin
Mickey Stylin - Upright Base
Pete Irving - Resonator Guitar
Ry Lucia - Vocal harmonies
Sarah Jane Covert-Bowlds - Saxophone
Sarah Shay - Vocals, Washboard
Seven Stars - guest verse/vocals
Strangely - Vocals
Thorin Valhalla - Drums

Mixed by Sam Top
Album art by Alex Deacon


all rights reserved



bellow wing Bellingham, Washington

A poignant blend of
AntiFolk-Punk-Dark-Cabaret and relentless passion.
With words that will rip your heart out, woven through melodies to sew it back together.

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Track Name: Rusted Barrels
I met your heart underneath a bridge
Prayed your ramblin bones wouldn’t give me the itch
Two weeks later you swept me away
On freight our fate was decided that day

I remember clearly when you said you’d be true
By the railyard you made a bed for two
You promised you’d take care of me
Hand in hand as we walked the streets

We laid sweetly in the tall grass
With sun kissed skin we revealed to each other our dreams

Now I’ve been wandering alone for quite some time
Struck down aimless right in my prime
Struggled to understand where I went wrong
Taking on more than I own for far too long

Those eyes I used to know had lost their glow
Somewhere along the way we both let go
My best friend disappeared and I never knew why
Sorrow gained momentum as my tears ran dry

Through a gift from grace, clarity slapped me in the face
Ripped open an old wound, gave me solid ground for healing
I get my heart back through immense pain
Turns out I had to let you go again
Track Name: And
And I noticed you from across the room
And I hoped and prayed you’d come talk to me soon
And I didn’t know you and I didnt really care
And I just followed you around and played with your hair
And you were just a place to rest my weary head
And then you would tell me you wished I was dead
And sometimes my dreams stretch a little too far
And you would crush them in the backseat of your car
And I just wrote this song last week
And I just put my heart on your sleeve
And I’ll just slip right through the back door
And take back my heart and crap on your floor
And sometimes when your schemes just dont work
And then you end up acting like a jerk
And it wont really matter cos I will be gone
And I’ll be sitting in my room writing another song
And it will be about kittens and rainbows and stars
And how they put the bandaid back on my heart
And it wont have to be good as long as it rhymes
And everyone will clap along to it in time
Track Name: Lung Blood
Inhaled too deep, the wrong time and place
Those stones are rooted, secured by pretty moss
Lend a hand. Warmth is returning, warmth is returning
My eyes need to adjust

Spring is returning, my lungs fill with blood
Mouth tastes of tin
Always unsettled, stirring beneathe the dirt
Been asleep for so long, been asleep for so long
Where is the light I’ve seen before
Future is undetermined, foretold only by my dreams
Fear overides all reality
The alarm rings again, I am so tired
Time escapes me, time escapes me
Life isn’t my game


Overrun by thoughts of delusion, my mind refuses calm
I swallow the lump and care too much
Tear through my insides, enjoying self depravation
Entertaining thoughts of decay, entertaining thoughts of decay
And it builds
Into a lonely castle, grown over and protected
By snags and thorns carefully arranged
to satisfy my safety
Years tried, tested and true. Years tried, tested and true
And isolated case of lung blood
Track Name: In Your Hall
While you sleep, I’m on the floor
On my own by the repaired door
How did my world turn into this?
Dancing around an existence of shit
Forty packs won’t calm my nerves
Wondering what this all has done to her
Caught in a web cos my heart is true
Steely brown eyes I melt into you
Lost so deep in the pit of my soul
Your heart’s reciprocation pays a toll
Sitting so small on a thrashed shag rug
Incompleteable thoughts rule me like a drug
Not enough life to know how to be here
Waiting so patient for the path to clear
Everyday is torture and bliss
Forever set, Seven Stars on my wrist
Don’t see an end, wish it that we
Could open this cage and set it all free
These paths crossed, entwined so quick
What sorcery called upon such a cruel trick
Outsider to confusion while lost in my own
This complicated wreck, is still looking for a home
The heat from our embrace, wins it all
Yet alone I sit on the floor in your hall
The heat from our embrace, wins it all
Yet alone I sit on the floor in your hall
Track Name: Merciful Man
It takes a merciful soul to make a choice
For one who cannot choose
The best way to go
You bare the burden no one else should
To know when it’s time
And carry it deep within
You know that it’s right
Although the risk is high
And you take it alone, you take it alone
Knowing that you’ve bestowed mercy and grace
Upon a suffering body
Housing a kindred soul
Perfect gratitude and a lifetime of truth
Forever shall be yours
Perfect gratitude and a lifetime of truth
Forever shall be yours
Forever shall be yours
Track Name: Quartertime Magnet
You’re a magnet on my brain
Can’t unstick gone insane
Invade my dreams I asked for it
Where did you come from?

Tried so hard crossing lines
While I sleep, judgment, half lies
Half truths, quarter time
I don’t think even you know

Puzzle me fully occupied
Life lived spirits tripped
Shape shift carpet ride
Want time so much pride

Half truths quarter time
I don’t think even you know

Invited in, fun and sin
Dissection equals detection
Shape shift carpet ride
Want time so much time

Dissection equals detection
Dissection equals detection
Track Name: Threadbare Love Affair
You’ve been by my side through thick and thin
I took comfort feeling your warmth against my skin
You made me look good when I felt so bad
Your carefully woven lovin is the best I’ve ever had

Just when everything started going right
And you felt perfect to me baby, every single night
Slowly you gave way, at the seams
And your decaying fibers crushed all of my dreams

Now you’re so tattered no one else wants you
Threadbare and transparent you’re almost useless
Your purpose is served but I can’t let you go
Just one more time hope my flesh won’t show
Just one more time hope my flesh won’t show

I thought that this would last, that you would stay true
But your dwindling character tells me we’re through
No longer can I count on your enfolding care
All that’s left is a pile of scraps from our threadbare love affair

Track Name: Wild Eyes
Walk with me on down the road
And I’ll tell you all the things that I don't know
Your mama told you never to listen to a girl like me
With wild eyes, crazy dreams,
crazier hair and endless schemes
But that doesn't mean a god damned thing
when your heart’s alive as a human being

If you want to roll with me
I need your eyes alive
If you want to roll with me
I need your heart on fire
With your hand in mine

There's a spark that's in your eyes
That makes me sweat and lights up my night
Open, bright, clear and true
You give to me and I give it to you
Do me right and sink it in
Our hearts take flight again and again


I’ve got two wandering feet
So pack your bags and ramble with me
Thru city streets and mountain tops
A love so sweet it will never stop
Life beneath every single star
You’ll get all you need if you trust my heart
Through trials and strife love and life
Adore my spirit and I’ll be your wife

Track Name: The Dust Never Settles
The dust it never settles
And the smoke it never clears
And the moisture on the ceiling
Is evaporated tears

That once waited for perfection
Before going full steam
Who owns royalties on my future
Dangling them just out of reach

But somewhere there is a giggle
There is a gaggle of them surely
As I melt down wickless candles
In a pot to start again

And my room feels like
A night of restless sleep
The ground beneath is never steady
Grasping at everything that isn’t ready

A never ending battle
between logic and my heart
I’m in a thousand pieces
no idea where to start

In between worlds of sleep
I find I’ve been plowing sand
I always sew but never reap
and theres still blisters on my hands

Fear is a masked friend
That takes me by the hand
Wraps me up all safe and warm
And I’m caught up in the dance

Somewhere beyond the cloud
Theres a glimmer of my dream
Dancing out on the horizon
Is it the power that I seek

Ohhhh tear me up and throw me out across the sky
Oohhh watch me fall like glitter in the moooo-ooooonah light

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